There are so many reasons to buy a home. However, for a first-time buyer looking for an affordable home, the reason may be limited to just one; a decent roof over your head. Regardless of your reasons, walking this journey with us will be very valuable.

1.         Free Consultation

Before you let your reservations and indecision clobber you, we are pledging our commitment to use our knowledge and experience we have acquired over time to save you thousands of money down the road. You might be far out of your element when it comes to reviewing properties and the legal jargon involved. We break them down into palatable language you can understand while all along advising you on market trends and future projections.

2.         Flexible Payment Plans

The biggest challenge today with the young professional looking to buy a first home is financing. Our specialty is in affordable housing and our pricing within reach of the everyday professional. We help you explore available financing options and institutions that we have had a working history with.

3.         We Build Together

Are you dreading walking the unknown path alone? You don’t have to as we hold your hand and light your path. We will put your insights into consideration too. Do you prefer wooden flooring to tiling? How do you like your cabinets? We let you freely imprint your personality and tell your stories with your interiors.

4.         Enjoy Affordable Costs and Discounts

We are obligated to put your interests first. Our home ownership model favors you as a buyer. You will be able to make affordable monthly installments as we work hard on delivering your dream home in record time.

5.         Become Part of Nyumbani Family

Our family network is growing and boasts of realtors, financiers, lawyers and jolly people you can have a good time with. We will keep you updated on our upcoming projects and give you unimaginable discounts as a repeat buyer. We are glad you are on board. #KaribuNyumbani